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General Surgery

Dr. Adam F. Dachman and Dr. Robert E. Schmus
practice general surgery.  

The specialty of general surgery, while broad in scope, typically focuses on digestive disorders, cancers of the breast, thyroid, colon, rectum and skin, hernias of the groins, abdominal wall and incisions, diagnosis of stomach and intestinal abnormalities including heartburn, esophageal abnormalities and anal diseases.  Laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive surgery) has revolutionized the practice of surgery around the world.  Dr. Dachman and Dr. Schmus are advanced laparoscopic surgeons with nearly 50 years of combined experience.  Utilizing a best practice approach to patient care has positioned Dr. Dachman and Dr. Schmus at the top of primary care physician referral choices.  Staying on the cutting edge of surgical technology, Dr. Dachman and Dr. Schmus will help lead patient care in southwest Wisconsin into the exciting future ahead.  No scar surgery, single port laparoscopy and many more exciting developments await patients and their families.

Diagnosis of digestive disorders is a primary function of a general surgeon.  Endoscopic evaluation--colonoscopy, gastroscopy and bronchoscopy are common minor procedures offered by Dr. Dachman and Dr. Schmus.  The colonoscopy program Dr. Dachman has operated for the past 15 years has helped to nearly eliminate colon cancer from Iowa County, Wisconsin.

Dr. Dachman and Dr. Schmus look forward to meeting you on your appointment day.

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